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Hi! I'm Nadiah and the girl in the picture is my daughter, Sarah Nabila. Welcome to Sarah & Missy. 

I'm a stay at home mom to three boys and a girl. My husband is a musician in Chicago. I'm originally from Malaysia but have been residing in the United States for the past 4 years. So far we've lived in Hawaii, Washington, and now we're in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Having used to work for quite some time, it was pretty hard for me to adjust to being a stay-at-home mom after I got to the States. I was pretty lost at what I would really love to do, at least as a serious hobby. I did a lot of baking and cooking, but they weren't exactly my passion. I also tried photography, but until today I'm still using the auto button.

Back in 2011 when we were still in Washington, I asked a friend of mine to teach me how to use a sewing machine. I love it. I ended up borrowing her sewing machine for a few weeks, and made a few simple curtains and cushion covers for our living room. A few months after that, after thinking through, and talking to my husband, I bought my first sewing machine, a Husqvarna Emerald 118. It's a pretty basic machine but perfect for a total beginner like me. 

In summer that year, I joined a weekly sewing class. I never knew about commercial patterns before I joined the class. In Malaysia we have tailors that provide custom-tailoring services at very affordable prices. My mom has her go-to tailor whom she has been using since she was a teenager to make her work, and casual clothes. The tailor also did my clothes until I found another seamstress, whose work I preferred better. Naturally the idea of sewing my own clothes never entered my mind at all. 

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My teacher is a very nice lady and she was totally patient with me. I was super slow in sewing, and still am. I remember it took me several months to complete a dress for my then unborn daughter, Sarah. With her guidance, I did manage to complete a couple projects. To be exact, I sewed a simple drawstring bag, a skirt for myself, and two dresses for Sarah within the two years I attended the classes with some breaks in between. It wasn't impressive at all, and I wished I could have done a lot more. 

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of what I've made and what I'm currently working on so that I can look back, and see the progress I've made. It's also a place where I hope to document everything I've learned, and will learn about sewing. It would be an added bonus for me if I could meet like minded people through this blog, making connections, and hopefully become real friends. I'm really hoping to pursue sewing on a more serious level, but as for now it's simply a hobby I truly enjoy. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 

PS: I would really love to hear from you at nadiahbonnin[@]sarahmissy.[com]