Mollie's Quilt

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I made this quilt for Anna's baby shower. I met Anna when we first moved to Washington. Both of our husbands used to work together. If you were to read my 'About' page, I did mention a little bit about Anna. She was the one who taught me how to use the sewing machine. I'm a pretty shy person and I don't usually talk much. I tend to be a bit nervous around new people but the feeling usually goes away after awhile. Anna is one of the people whom I can feel comfortable right away. 

Anna's baby shower back in Mar 2013. 

Anna's baby shower back in Mar 2013. 

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The first few things that came to my mind when I was trying to come up with ideas for this quilt were pink, sprinkles, whimsical and straight lines. Personally, I am not too fond of overly pink. I think my preference reflected on how I chose the fabric combinations for this quilt. The pink is pretty subtle and grey took over in the end. I love colorful running stitches. I enjoyed stitching them on this quilt. They look like sprinkles! The appliques of the bird and the houses were my attempt to make the quilt a bit playful. I was not sure how the appliques was going to fare in the washing machine since it was my first time making it. They did however survive after the first wash.

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I quilted the blanket using straight lines that are 1/2" apart from each other. I used two different colored threads to create contrast. Pink on grey fabric and white for the rest. Unlike Sarah's quilt, where the lines were all pretty much crooked, the quilted lines in this quilt are rather straight and uniform. Using the walking foot really made a difference. 

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I used a tutorial from 52Quilts for the binding. I really love the look of the faux-piped binding. 

Front and back view of the quilt

Front and back view of the quilt

TWEET: This quilt is made for Mollie Elizabeth Hanks.

Here's sweet baby Mollie at four months old!


  • Type: Quilt
  • Pattern: Self Drafted
  • Measurement: 36" x 48"
  • Date Started:  Feb 2012
  • Date Completed: Apr 2012
  • Skills: Cutting, Piecing, Quilting, , Applique. Running Stitch, Faux-piped Binding
  • Fabric: I hardly bought new fabrics for this quilt. Most of them came from the stash that I already have. For fabrics which their names I can't remember, I just labeled them as 'Own Fabric Stash'. 
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1. Taza Color Stripe Yellow by Dena Designs Free Spirit 2. Flea Market Stalls by Monkey's Bizness Alexander Henry 3. Market Floral Cream by Monkey's Bizness Alexander Henry 4. Promenade Dots Yellow/White by Riley Blake Design 5. Urban Sunrise "Little Florine" by Lotta Jansdotter Widham 6. Bliss by Bonnie & Camille Moda 7. Own Fabric Stash 8. Keepsake Calico from Jo-Ann Fabric 9. Keepsake Calico by Jo-Ann Fabric 10.  Keepsake Calico from Jo-Ann Fabric 11. Own Fabric Stash 12.  Keepsake Calico from Jo-Ann Fabric 13. Dumb Dot Kiwi by Michael Miller 14. Kona Cotton Ash by Robert Kaufman 15. Kona Cotton White by Robert Kaufman 16. Own Fabric Stash