Sewingless Days

Sewing has been quite impossible for more than a week now. Our basement and storage room were flooded after a few hours of heavy rain on May 12. It happened so fast. We didn't see that coming at all since we moved to this house in September last year.  The aftermath was pretty bad (at least to me), although it was in no way as bad as the flood that happened in Bosnia-Herzegovina a few days ago. The moment we realized that water had been sipping through the backdoor in the basement, it was already a few inches deep. We managed to transfer most of the stuff in the basement to our living room. We were not able to get inside the storage room because of the water pressure so most of the things in there were soaked and had to be thrown away. Cleaning up after a basement flood is a lot of work. Our property management sent out some people to take down the affected drywall, applied some kind of disinfectant to inhibit mold growth and run a few dehumidifiers to take up additional moisture out of the air. Right now we are still waiting for some people to come in and replace the drywall. That means we still have our stuff from the basement occupying the living room and the kitchen. It pretty much looks like a hoarder's place. We can't do our laundry since whatever that are left in the basement right now are sealed with these big plastic sheets due to the construction work. That includes our washer and dryer, despite the fact that the latter's electric motor has gone kaput due to exposure to flood water. That means our laundry is piling up high, and we have to do our laundry at the laundromat. Oh well!  

Our basement, before the flood.

Our basement, during the flood.

The aftermath.

Drying up the kids' artworks.

We did manage to do a few loads of laundry before the construction guys came to take down the drywall and sealed the stuff we have in the basement. I put up a few rows of clothesline in one of the boys' room and hang all of the clothes in there. The boys think it's awesome.

This is how our basement looks like right now. There are 4 dehumidifiers in there, running nonstop since last Saturday. I'm a little bit worried about our electricity bill this month. 

What our living room looks like at the moment. 

When I started this blog, I've set a goal to update it at least once a week. With whatever that's going on around our house right now, it seems a little bit impossible. Hopefully those guys will come and finish off their work this weekend. I just want everything to go back to the way it was. This messiness is getting to me. Have a great weekend!