Yellow Top & Polka Dot Bloomer

I finished sewing this outfit a few days ago. I still have a few more patterns awaiting me to tackle them. My goal is to sew them all before Sarah outgrows their size. (She actually has already outgrown them based on her age.) Luckily I am able buy some time considering my toddler is petite, and commercial patterns generally have a lot of wearing ease in mind.

One down, eight to go.

One down, eight to go.

Although it took me a while to sew the yellow top, it was actually a pretty easy pattern. I just took my time to sew it whenever I felt like it. I used dotted Swiss lawn fabric, in lemon yellow, from Denver Fabrics. In spite of how I love the color and the feel of the fabric, I personally think the fabric is too sheer, and needs to be lined. Unfortunately, the pattern did not come with lining instruction, so I had to figure it out myself. I didn't know any better, so I treated the lining fabric as though it was the main fabric, and just basted them together. I'm absolutely sure there is a better way to line the top. I just didn't put enough effort to find the correct way. As a result, the top is not as flowy as I wanted it to be.  

As for the bloomer, I didn't not use the Burda's pattern. The pattern has ruffles on the back of the pants, and I wanted a simpler look. I used the The Scanlan Shorts pattern from My Childhood Treasures instead. This one was a breeze. The pattern requires 1/2" wide elastic for the waist and the legs. I used 3/8" wide elastic for the waist and 1/4" wide for the legs because those were what I had in hand. 

Sarah didn't want to wear the top at first. She didn't want to cooperate either when I wanted to take her pictures in the outfit. Letting her play with my phone seemed to distract her for a little while. But man, having a toddler in her terrible twos is pretty challenging! I have three older boys but this girl is something else!


  • Type: Top & Bloomer 
  • Pattern:
  • Size:
    • Top - 18m
    • Bloomer - 3 yrs
  • Date Started: July 7 2014
  • Date Completed: Aug 2 2014
  • Skills:
    • Top - Continuous Bound Placket, Bias Binding for Collar and Sleeve
    • Bloomer - Threading elastic to waist and legs
  • Fabric:

1. Dotted Swiss Lawn in Lemon Yellow from Denver Fabrics 2. White and Black Polka Dot Cotton Fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric