Daisy Tunic Top

I seriously haven't been in the mood to update the blog lately. I have gone back and forth between Pinterest and this page a thousand times. Ogling on Pinterest is by far more fun. Writing is one of the things that I have always struggled with. Whenever I start a new entry, I feel like I'm still in school, writing for my English class. I did sew however. I finished this tunic top two weeks ago. 

She pretended the monkey was her 'packpack' (as in backpack).

She pretended the monkey was her 'packpack' (as in backpack).

The fabric for the bodice was from a pair of pajama pants I found at a thrift shop. I was experimenting with different kinds of back openings so much that I ended up using almost all the pants. I'll probably make some kind of a quilt out of the scraps. I love scraps. I don't have the heart to throw them away.   

The modified back opening.  Excuse me for the saggy jeans. They just don't sit well on her tiny waist.  

The modified back opening. Excuse me for the saggy jeans. They just don't sit well on her tiny waist.  

Finally, this version made the cut. I actually made the mistake of cutting the back bodice an inch too short on each side. Since I didn't have enough fabric from the pajama pants to cut new back bodice pieces, I sewed blue chambray-like fabric to the floral fabric. I actually like the way it looks, but I may not necessarily do this again.  

I decided to line the bodice to give it more body. I love how the lining gives the finishing a clean look. 

I'm a fan of bias binding now. I found this tutorial very helpful for sewing on the binding. I love the back closure with contrasting blue ribbon ties (pretty much similar like this top I made recently for Sarah). I just repurposed the ribbon from the thrift store pajama pants. 

I call this tunic top 'Daisy' because the floral fabric reminds me of blue daisies. I love the feel of the fabric. It's so soft and easy to work with. I wish I could buy it by the yard instead of having to cut it from a pair of used pajama pants. 



  • Type: Top
  • Pattern: Self-drafted
  • Size: 2T
  • Date Started: Sept 11 2014
  • Date Completed: Sept 12 2014
  • Skills: Pattern Drafting, Back Closure, Gathering
  • Fabric: Thrift store, Jo-Ann Fabrics

1. Floral fabric from a thrift store 2. Symphony Broadcloth Solid Quilt Fabric in Denim from Jo-Ann Fabrics