A Birthday Dress for A Three Year Old

Sarah turned three last week. I made her a new dress, and threw a small birthday party for her. It's really amazing that my little sassy toddler is three years old now. She's quickly becoming an independent girl, with an attitude of a teenager at times, and yet still sneaking up into my bed at night to sleep with me and her dad.   

cats 3.jpg

I used McCall's M5791 pattern, the same pattern I used to sew Sarah her first dress when she was still a baby. I wasn't quite finished with the dress when she wore it on her party day. The picture on the left was taken on the day of the party last Saturday and, as you can see, has less embroidery than the picture on the right. I finished stitching the embroidery two days ago, and I like the end result better.  

The chain stitch embroidery on the bodice is a result of a mishap. I was trimming the skirt seam, after attaching the skirt to the bodice. It was pretty late at night, and I was already tired and sleepy. In between trimming, I accidentally snipped both the bodice and its lining (you can see the hole near the area where I circled). I panicked for a few seconds, before the idea of covering up the holes with chain stitches hit me.   

The fabric I used was a nightmare to work with. It was very slippery, and I didn't cut it that well. I felt like everything was crooked, and I was at the point of abandoning the fabric, and starting with a new one. I didn't  though, because I was running out of time. I bought the fabric from Walmart a couple years back. I love the color, and that was the main reason I bought it. Yet, to be fair, the price was really cheap, at $1.00/yard. Usually, with a cheap price, one can't really count on the quality. The fabric looks and feels like chiffon, but I'm not sure at all of its specific fiber content since it wasn't mentioned on the bolt. The dress has survived its first hand wash, but I notice that tiny pills have started to form.

My favorite part of the dress is its skirt. One good thing about the fabric is that it makes the skirt flowy and great for twirling.

Sarah loves it too. She calls it a princess dress, and she loves to twirl in it.

She specifically requested for a rainbow cake, and she got a pretty tall rainbow cake with six layers of different color cakes. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to snap a picture of the cut cake, plus the lighting was terrible. I don't think I would ever do another rainbow cake. It took me 1 1/2 lb of butter to frost the whole thing!


  • Type: Dress
  • Pattern: McCall's 5791 , view E
  • Size: XL (Weight: 26-29 lbs, Height: 31-32 ins)
  • Date Started: Feb 1, 2015
  • Date Completed: Feb 7, 2015
  • Skills: Cutting, Marking, Basting, Gathering, Installing Zipper, Inserting Elastic, Staystitch, Understitch, Slipstitch
  • Fabric: Walmart