Spring Geranium

Spring is peeking through! Most of the snow has melted, and the weather has been pretty nice this week. For the first time in many months, we're able to go outside of the house without having to bundle up ourselves. I might just get away by wearing flip flops soon. 

I'm eager to sew Sarah some Spring / Summer clothes.  She does need a new wardrobe anyway since she's growing like a weed. At least to me she is. The Geranium was the first pattern to cross my mind when I thought of what to work on first. 

The fabric is from my old skirt that I've never worn. I bought it mainly because of the spring like pattern. I spent almost a full day ripping all the stitches on the skirt. I ended up with a little bit more than a yard of fabric that I could use to make a dress from the Geranium pattern. 

Based on the size chart, I should be sewing Sarah a 2T. (She's three by the way). I did that, and it looks nice on her.  She could probably outgrow the dress in a few months though, which is fine with me actually. It gives me more reasons to buy more fabric, which is my favorite pastime. 

For a little touch of interest, I added tiny peter pan collars to the dress. I didn't finish the center back seams according to the instructions. Instead, I serged each of the skirt back pieces, and created a placket at the center back seams.

The next day, after I finished the dress, I took Sarah for a walk with a friend of mine. It was sunny, with clear blue sky, and the temperature was perfect. It was so different, from a week ago, when it was below freezing. I had to grab the opportunity to shoot Sarah in her new dress. Happy almost Spring, everyone!     


  • Type: Dress
  • Pattern: Geranium from Made by Rae
  • Size: 2T
  • Date Started: Mar 5, 2015
  • Date Completed: Mar 12, 2015
  • Skills: Cutting, Marking, Basting, Button Holes, Button Placket, Skirt Placket. Gathered Skirt
  • Fabric: 

1. Floral green fabric from own stash 2. Grey stripe fabric from a thrift store