Simple Peasant Top

This peasant top should be a good project for any beginner sewer. I should have made one a long time ago because it is so easy! Perhaps it's because of its simplicity that it slipped under my sewing pattern radar.

There are so many peasant top patterns out there, either offered free or for sale, that it was actually pretty hard for me to choose one. I have a preference  for patterns with narrow necklines, and most patterns I saw have wider necklines than I like. The pattern I used here is from Whimsy Couture. I decided to just purchase it on Etsy after I found myself browsing for a 'perfect' one for an unconscionably long time. Yeah, sometimes I can be weird like that! 

The fabric that I used for this top was on clearance at Walmart a couple of years back. It was $1.00/yard. I'm not sure of its fiber content, but it feels like polyester to me. I didn't know what I was thinking back then, but I bought 4 yards of it, and I am not even a polyester fan. I just hope it doesn't form pills like this one, which usually happens with cheap fabrics. I really hate that. Oh well, I treated this one as my practice piece anyway. Now that I know the pattern works well, I can sew more of this top with better quality material.

I'm not going to elaborate on the pattern because, seriously, it's a piece of cake! So go ahead, and get one if you haven't tried it yet!


  • Type: Top
  • Pattern: Whimsy Couture
  • Size: 3T
  • Date Started: Mar 17, 2015
  • Date Completed: Mar 17, 2015