Simple Elastic Gathered Skirt

simple elastic gathered skirt

I made this skirt for Sarah a few weeks ago, and totally forgot to blog about it until I saw a picture of it on my Instagram.  I can't believe I waited this long to sew a skirt for my daughter, especially a simple, easy one like this.  I made it very gathered since Sarah loves to dance and  to spin around. Apart from the fact that it's very twirly, the skirt is pretty plain. I used leftover  white cotton gauze that I used to make this top.

Dana Made It has an excellent tutorial on how to make this skirt. I did however made the skirt   with a ratio of waist girth to skirt width of 1:3 instead of 1:2 like what Dana suggested, just because I prefer it to be much fuller. The downside to this was that it took me a long time to hem the skirt, and hemming a very gathered skirt was not fun. I also lined the skirt to add more body to it. 

Sarah took it for a spin, and she approves!

She loves the skirt, and it's one of her favorite thing to wear nowadays. We went to a park the other day, and she chose to wear the skirt again. I took some pictures of her as usual, but this time I used my Iphone instead of my old big camera. I did bring it along, but I couldn't use it since I left the SD card at home. I really hate it when that happens. Has that ever happened to you guys?