In A Funk

I'm way behind with updating this blog. There have been so many other interesting things to do lately, that sewing and blogging (especially blogging) have had to take a back seat. Even weeding sounds more fun at the moment, especially when it's sunny out there. 

It's been two weeks since the boys' summer break started. We've been pretty occupied so far. We spent a couple of days hanging out at our friend's house while my husband was away for work. Last week we went camping in Wisconsin. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the zoo in Chicago. There's a trip to Oklahoma coming up in August to visit the grandparents. 

I do hope to spend sometime sewing, though. The truth is I feel like I'm in a funk. Sewing and blogging funk. I'm just not feeling it, totally feeling very unmotivated. I did, however, force myself to finish this top I started a few weeks ago. There wasn't much to it, actually. I only needed to finish a few inches of blanket stitches around the hem, make a button hole, and sew a button. I could have finished the whole thing in a few days, but it ended up taking me three weeks! My next project is to make a skirt out of the 1 yard of fabric pictured below, so it can be worn with the white top. We'll see how long this one will take me to finish!