Funk be gone!

I may or may not have gotten rid of the sewing funk that I have been having for weeks. But I sure got my sewing machine running again, and completed this skirt! It FELT good. It took me two days, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a self drafted, lined, very gathered skirt. I did, however, use Sarah's old store-bought skirt as a reference. I used the whole length of this floral fabric I bought from Ebay, and I'm pretty happy with the result. In the future however, I'll definitely use thinner material as the lining fabric. For this skirt I used quilting fabric, which made the whole skirt too heavy, and yet it still has that nice twirly factor.

As for this blouse, I used the same pattern I used for this dress. I shortened it to my preferred length and added Peterpan collars for a little interest. When it comes to sewing clothes, I normally stick with apparel fabrics. This time, though, I used this white quilting fabric that I got from Jo-Ann, which feels soft enough, and has good drapability. I wanted to pair this blouse with the skirt, and I thought using white would be a good choice. That was until I finished sewing it, and the blouse looked rather too plain. That's when I decided to add blanket stitches. The blouse is also a bit too short for Sarah. I'll definitely add an inch or two to the length whenever I feel like sewing it again.   

Some pictures of Sarah in her new outfit. I took her for a walk to one of our favorite parks nearby. It was cloudy, and it rained later that day. What's with the weather here? It's been a pretty wet summer so far. At least we spent a couple of hours outside rather than being cooped up at home. 

The picture below was taken when her Poppy visited us last summer. It was taken on June 25, 2014. Coincidentally, I took Sarah to the very same park, at the very same spot  a year later (June 26, 2015). She has grown so much within a year!